Church History

Plans were made for the organization of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. at a meeting in the home of Deacon and Mrs. Horace Broaden who resided on 33rd Avenue North in Nashville, Tennessee. A few days subsequent to this meeting, on September 18, 1939, forty-three members gathered to officially organize the church on the lawn of Deacon and Mrs. Allen Kelly who lived at 1010-33rd Avenue North. These members transacted God's business in a truly Christian manner and adhered to the democratic principles of the majority rule.
Succeeding many hours of discussion the Reverends A. A. Bennett, Holder, and Phillips initiated contributions for the establishment of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. The first worship service was held in a storefront building on 28th Avenue North, with the Reverend L. B. Nelson delivering the message. A piano and cane bottom chairs were the only church furnishings that were purchased, however, the fullness of their meaning was felt in the spiritual empowerment of God generated by the members. The church was incorporated in 1944.
Realizing the need for a permanent edifice in which to worship God in spirit and in truth, a committee was appointed to conduct a study of possible locations for the church. The committee recommended the purchase of the present property on 32nd Avenue North, after which a building council was appointed by the membership. The groundbreaking ceremony was held, thus the completion of the initial edifice of worship came to fruition. Within eight months and three weeks from the groundbreaking, the members marched into the new church. Subsequently, the membership increased to approximately two hundred parishioners. The first sermon in the new church was delivered by Dr. Miles, a professor at the American Baptist Theological Seminary.
The faithful pastors of Friendship Baptist Church, Inc. in the order of their leadership included Reverends L. B. Nelson, E. L. Drew, L. E. Biggs, Enoch Jones, Moses Herring and the present visionary leader, Jimmy D. Greer, Sr. (2002- )
During the early sixties, Reverend Moses Herring establishes a Watchcare membership program for college students who were not residents of Nashville, Tennessee. This program was improvised to permit students to unite Friendship and participate in the church's ministries during college matriculation and their membership status would not be affected at their home churches in cities and/or states. To further enhance the college ministry, a free breakfast was prepared for the students each Sunday morning following the Early Morning Worship Service. Each Wednesday afternoon, prior to the Adult Bible Study, Reverend Herring conducted Week Day Bible Study for the youth for the church, providing transportation in his personal car.
In 1986, under the pastorate of Reverend Moses Herring, a Christian Education wing was constructed, and in 2001, the first sanctuary was demolished and the current new sanctuary with a seating capacity of approximately 750 was adjoined to the Christian Education wing.
In 2002, Pastor Jimmy D. Greer, Sr., a Friendship son in the gospel under the ministerial tutelage of the Late Pastor Herring was called to succeed him in the pastorate of the church. Two of Pastor Greer's first initiatives were the naming of the Christian Education wing in memory of Pastor Herring and the laying of the cornerstone in memory of the late Pastor Moses Herring. Pastor Greer has originated a number of new ministries and continues to build on relevant ministries that were previously in place. Other idealistic and spiritual  ventures that have been effectuated during Pastor Greer's administration include:
  • Purchase of a new twenty-six passenger bus
  • Installation of a more functional sound system
  • Renovation of the balcony glass and railing
  • Purchase of two additional pieces of property and currently negotiating the purchase of property contiguous to the church office
  • Installation of a crosswalk and handicap-accessible sidewalk ramps
  • Organization of a Contemporary Worship Service (3rd Service) with free meal for college students each Sunday succeeding the service
  • Organization of "Cool Church", a children's worship service conducive for ages four years to fifteen years
  • Organization of Vision College Ministry designed specifically for college students and other young adults
  • Introduction of spiritual enrichment programs to enhance love, unity and spiritual maturity of the church membership to include "Experiencing God" by Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King, "40 Days of Purpose" by Dr. Rick Warren, "The Journey Series" by Tommy C. Higle and encourages Church Retreats
  • Initiated "Super Sunday" Worship Service and Fellowship in Hadley Park
  • Instituted New Members' Classes and Deacons' Training Classes
  • Encourages annual church participation in the Tennessee State University Homecoming Parade
  • Hosted more than 500 freshmen at Tennessee State University for a cookout and distributed souvenirs from the church at the University's initial Freshman Community Service Day
  • Church selected as an Early Voting site for three elections to include the 2008 President Election of President Barack Obama
  • Hosts Local Church Associations and State Conventions
Through God's grace and Divine guidance, under the visionary, compassionate and cordial leadership of Pastor D. Greer, Sr, in addition to the loving support of committed family and church members, the church membership has more than tripled in attendance. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!