C.O.O.L Church (The Called, The Optimistic, The Opportunistic, Leaders)

On Sunday morning concurrent with 11 o’clock morning worship
Cool Church Nursery, Cool Church Children, Cool Church Middle
Curriculum leader of C.O.O.L Church Children- Wanda Jordan
Administrative Coordinator for C.O.O.L Church Middle

C.O.O.L Nursery Ministry

The Nursery Ministry provides the members of Friendship with an excellent child-care that runs congruent with 11 o’clock worship. The Nursery Ministry is composed of volunteers for the church and youth who are willing to assist.

Cool Church Children

This ministry provides age appropriate biblical truths and Christian foundational lessons for children. This ministry serves children aging five to 11 years old.
Goal: The Goal of this ministry is to teach children foundational biblical truths that will help them to view God personally and developing them into disciples exciting other children about Christ.

Cool Church Middle School

The Cool Church Middle provides youth ages 12 to 14 a safe space to learn Christian lessons and express themselves creatively. This ministry will incorporate small group discussion, challenging talks, and worship appropriated to youth ages.
Goal: Our goal is to create environments where students prioritize their relationship with Christ, influence their friends, and experience personal ministry.